It would be good to know where we are headed towards, being the 1st community horn club in Singapore. Let us know if we have missed out any listings.

Alpine Horn Club

Anchorage Horn Club

Arkansas Horn Club

Bishan North Horn Club (that’s us)

Bowling Green State University Horn Club

Brentwood Horn Club

Colorado Horn Club

Connecticut French Horn Orchestra

Central Washington University Horn Club

Ensemble 103

Fox Valley Horn Club (HAPC)

Grand Ensemble De Cors

Hartwig Horn Club

High Desert Horns

Horn Society of the Carolinas

Hornithology Summer Horn Ensemble

Horns of Ohio!

Horns of Tucson

Hornswoggle San Diego

Kansas City Horn Club

Kumamoto Horn Ensemble

Lehigh Valley Horn Ensemble

Lowell Greer

Madison Horn Club

Matsudo Horn Club

Nagano Horn Club

NE Louisiana Horn Ensemble

Opera North Horn Club

Ottawa French Horn Club

Pittsburgh Horn Club

Scottish Vienna Horns

Singapore Horn Sounds

Spokane Horn Club

Suffolk Horn Club

Tokyo Vienna Horn Club

Twin Cities Horn Club

University of Cincinnati Horn Club

Utah Horn Club

Vienna Horns of Scotland

Wiener Waldhorn Verein

Whidbey Island Horn Club


轟工廠 HornWorks

correct as at 31st Oct 2017



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